Thursday, April 8, 2010

Bat Shit Crazy Mustache

Most people know Don King and his mustache for their flamboyant personality and crazy hair, but most people don't know just how crazy this lip sweater really is. This mustache has been tried for two separate murders 13 years apart, the first one, in 1953, he was acquitted of after shooting a man in the back at one of his Cleveland gambling houses, and the second, in 1966, he was convicted of for stomping an employee to death, though after the mustache pulled some strings, the charge was reduced to non negligent homicide, and the stache only did 4 years. This mustache has been the victim of countless lawsuits by everybody from Lenox Lewis and Muhammad Ali to the Lloyd's Of London Insurance Company. This mustache has also been to court numerous times for tax evasion, and since this nose neighbor has spent so much time in court the natural allegations of jury-tampering have surfaced. This duster has also been investigated for ties to organized crime and was called to testify during a 1992 senate investigation into the matter, where this mustache naturally pleaded the fifth. Even ruthless Mike Tyson has said that this mustache "would kill his own mother for a dollar."

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