Friday, January 22, 2010

Twinkle Toes Alvarado

Don't let the cowboy hat and belt buckle fool you this mustache was the Southern California Break Dance Battle champion for 3 years straight from 1988 - 1991 dominating the competition with his signature move 'the coin drop.' This mustache is also known to cruise his Harley around the ASU campus looking for foreign exchange students who are eager for an American mustache ride, but this mustache prides itself on the fact that it plays lead tuba in the local ranchero band 'los palomas locos.'


  1. don't hate the mustache..... hate the game! you could have gave me a cooler nick name!

  2. Twinkle Toes is perfect for a break dancing champion! Which you are.

  3. What about Pigeon toes?