Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Matt Copeland: Successful Hipster Mustache

I often see Matt at the local farmers market, where he sells avocado's and homemade baguettes, and last Saturday morning I had to ask him about the inspiration behind his incredible mustache. He told me for many years he rocked a beard, and was only semi-successful with the ladies, then about 7 months ago, with the advice of a stripper, he grew this wonderful handlebar mustache, and he says now his phone won't stop ringing on Friday nights from drunk ladies begging for mustache rides, and he sent me this photographic evidence.


  1. This is not Matt Copeland. This is my friend Lex.

  2. Lex Copeland? I bet he has to use many different alias' because he has so many ladies chasing him.

  3. She has an enormous head.