Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mustache Strikes Again!

The picture above is a random mustache picture I found on Google Images, and used in a post about mustache responsibility. I assumed the pic was several years old, but last weekend Mustache Revivalist Sideburns Jackson was in Las Vegas for Punk Rock Bowling 2010, and look who he ran into.

Turns out this is Alex Antebi, and the picture is only 3 years old from when he won 1st place for Imperial Moustache at the 2007 World beard & Moustache Competition. At the time Alex was only 26 years old making him the youngest and first American champion in history.


  1. Missed you at Punk Rock Bowling this year!


  2. I have never been, that was my buddy you ran into last year, but punk rock bowling is on my bucket list.