Friday, February 1, 2013

Randy Nelson

This in the new profile picture of my good friend Randy, who is rocking a super fresh lip rug.  About 7 months ago Randy went through a nasty divorce (and by nasty I mean his ex-wife's vagina), and was feeling lonely, so on the advice of a friend he signed up for  After a couple months Randy was extremely frustrated with the dating site, stating "I am only meeting Christian chicks who don't put out," so I suggested the obvious to him, GROW A MUSTACHE. Since growing a masculine 'stache 4 weeks ago, Randy has said it's been the best month of his life, he got a free burrito from the upper lip obsessed girl working the counter at King Taco, his car is getting better gas mileage, and he got his first hand job since he was 16 (in a public bathroom no less). This my friends is just one of many mustache success stories. 

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