Thursday, January 13, 2011

Mustache Poise

A co-worker of mine told me he recently read in the Phoenix New Times, that the mustache is back, but the paper was still on the fence as to whether the sexy masculine 'stache, ala Tom Selleck, is back or if the next generation of lips sweaters are growing them for comedic effect, but I detest the thought that there is anything funny about a mustache. Mustaches are not just for your NASCAR loving uncle anymore, a mustache is a badge of honor, that must be worn with pride and confidence, exuding sex appeal like a women wearing stiletto heels or a push-up bra.


  1. I have a mustache strictly because my wife loves it for role playing in the bedroom, that is not considered "comedy" is it?

  2. Absolutely not! Growing a mustache to get laid is the #2 reason men world wide grow mustaches.