Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Chan Sung Kim

Chan Sung grew up on a fishing boat off the island of Baengnyeong until he was 15 years old, right around the time he had his first encounter with a pornographic movie. After his experience with porn Chan Sung knew he didn't want to be a fisherman his whole life, he wanted to make money with his genitals. So Chan Sung grew a mustache and set off for the mainland, and eventually made his way to Japan where he scored his first gig. After several years of plowing through hot white chicks, Chan Sung tried a fetish film, and found there to be a lot more money in fetish movies. So he started his own company in which he directed, produced, and starred in movies of skinny Asian guys banging morbidly obese black women. The fetish business was so lucrative that Chan Sung bought a house in the Hollywood Hills right next to Michael Douglas and frequently attends his swinger parties.

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