Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Steve Prefontaine

You probably know "Pre" for helping bring running into the mainstream in the 1970's, but what most people don't know is that before he grew that amazing mustache he was morbidly obese, and would run out of energy just walking from his favorite recliner to the refrigerator. Almost instantly after growing that impressive specimen he dropped 275 lbs and began getting laid constantly. Then unexpectedly on May 30th, 1975 Steve shaved his mustache. Immediately after shaving he had an insatiable urge for a Triple Whopper from Burger King, and on his way to Burger King Steve rolled his MGB convertible and was crushed to death.


  1. Your humor falls flat. We who knew Pre aren't laughing. Don't quit your day job!

  2. Dude. Thats pretty dickish of you...

  3. It is a tragedy, I just hope we can all learn a lesson.