Friday, December 11, 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr's Real Dream

Martin Luther King Jr's real dream was that one day his children would live in a world where they would be judged by their upper lip follicles and not by the content of their character, or the color of their skin. Only those closest to Martin knew that his true passion was mustache advocacy, but it was a volatile time in American history with the African-American community engaged in the civil rights movement. Martin knew it was not a proper time to preach about mustache rights, but Dr. King had a well developed plan, that included a full on mustache advocate blitz once civil rights were established for all blacks. After all if a man of any race or color can vote, then why shouldn't that man be able to let his upper lip flourish with out fear of discrimination. Yes, Martin Luther King, Jr. had a dream and a plan, and then that asshole James Earl Ray had to come along and mess everything up.

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