Friday, November 6, 2009

The Encounter

Ladies LOVE mustaches.
Yes it is true, since I let my upper lip be liberated about two weeks ago I had my first run-in with a member of the opposite sex that plainly couldn't control herself at the sight of my superior lip sophistication.
I was at a certain valley construction supply store, that shall remain nameless, when I had my encounter. She was behind the cash register and all smiles, during our transaction she was very friendly and I even caught a glimpse of her staring cold and bitterly at my wedding band, and then with blatant disregard she continued to bat her eyelashes and giggle enough to make any guy over the age of 16 uncomfortable. I figured this was a research opportunity to test the power of the stache that I simply couldn't pass up, so I preceded to flex my upper lip mane, and she damn near jumped over the counter and attacked me right there in front of everybody! After she regained her composer I gave her one last curl of the upper lip and got the hell out of there before I became a rape victim.

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