Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Holiday Mustache Challenge

Alright gang, its that time of year when holidays are right around the corner and with them, awkward social graces with family, yams, and scotch. That's right. Gluttonous celebrations which overload the palate and drain the wallet while tampering with emotional stability.

So in recognition of the holiday season, the mustache revival offers a challenge to those man enough to accept. This year, between now and January 1st, we will be hosting our first annual Holiday Mustache Challenge! We invite all to compete in a mustache competition of epic proportions. The rules are simple: grow a mustache. *As you cultivate your duster, please keep us posted with pictures displaying your impressive progress. We'll be sure to give you shout-outs as you enhance your street credibility for the holidays.

Mustaches will be posted on the blog and voted upon weekly by followers. You may doubt the idea, but the taste of victory is sweet when in the form of a flavor-savor soaked in egg-nog. Good luck and happy holidays from the mustache revival staff.

*There will be prizes awarded to the top two staches
*Email Holiday stache pics to
*Please, no impostor staches.

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