Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Great Mr. Buttersworth

"I hope my stache becomes the mustache it can be!"
This particular mustache has a special place in my heart because of the obstacles he has over come to achieve upper lip liberation.
As a young man Buttersworth always dreamed of having a long luscious handle bar mustache, then as his upper lip was coming into manhood an incident happened way back in 1999, when Buttersworth was innocently walking by a burning house and all of a sudden he heard children screaming out of a second story window. So without hesitation he ran into the burning house to save the children, and in doing so he suffered 2nd degree burns over 90% of his upper lip. Even though the small Lithuanian town now holds an annual parade in his honor he has never been able to sprout lip pubes through the scar tissue. Until recently his lip has come back to life and ladies and gentleman he is back on track to growing that handle bar stache that he dreamed of as a boy.


  1. What a heroic stache, truly inspirational.

  2. Holy Shit!! that is a site to wake up to in the morning. Extreme close-up, but with a shirt so i can't complain